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HP printers are the best invention of this tech-freak era. Printers are one of the important peripherals which enable you to transfer your online or digital documents on a paper. Saying that printing is never going to out of trend wouldn’t brag. But choosing a right printer is tough-job, almost every printer includes same features and functionality but it’s important to understand the importance of firmware, so if you are looking best firmware and hardware, HP is considered to be an ideal choice by many professionals.

HP has covered all important aspects while designing their printers, and the best thing is there are different models targeting a particular set of audience. So, every category of users has a type or HP Printer which suit their needs.

HP printers are based on high-end techniques but having unexpected errors is a common thing while printing. It can happen with any of the brands but HP gives the edge to its users by offering, HP Printer Scanner Support. But some issues can be resolved with little manual efforts, get the detailed guide for common HP printers problem and solution:


Paper Jam Issues:

Paper jam holds the first position in the list of common printer errors. This is the most frequently reported error by HP users. Well, the brand is not responsible for this error. There is no particular reason behind these errors but there are few remedies which can treat the issues in an effective manner.

The first and foremost thing is the trash sticking inside your printer. So it just checks the internal of the printer for dirt, dust, paper pieces or other obstacles.  Also, make sure you are using right sort of paper in your printer, this is must avoid paper jam issues in HP printers.

In order to remove the jammed paper, open the printer and clean the interior of the printer. Now, clean the printer and place the cartridges back to its place. Now pull the paper towards the direction of the printer. Do not oppose the direction of the printer because it can affect the rollers and cause harm to the printer.

The Slow Speed:

This problem keeps you from finishing your important printing tasks on time. There could be plenty of reasons that can slow down the speed of your printer. Mainly the high resolution of images, disk space problems, and driver-error can cause the speed issues with HP printers.

The high-resolution printing requires a huge empty space of progressing. So one must remove all the unused data and application from your device to save the high-quality images.

Next, you need to check your drivers and replace the missing or damaged drivers to maintain the regular pace of printing using HP printer. Also, it is recommended to use the paper thickness as per the capability of your device. Sometimes using too thick people can slow down the printing process.

Low Quality of Prints:

When you are printing speed is normal but the quality of prints is too low. The flimsy looking prints and poor quality of images, faded prints all these issues are part of the same error-group. To resolve this issues, must check the printer supplies and firmware. Do the following to restore the quality of prints using HP printer:

  • Check all the drivers of your printer and re-configure drivers.
  • Make sure all your settings are properly configured for the printer.
  • Check the fuser and adjust it accordingly if there is an option for modification.
  • Check the toner cartridge, fuser, or other damaged hardware.
  • Check the ink cartridge, refill or replace if required.

Printing isn’t working:

This happens when your printer doesn’t perform any task or assigned printing jobs. This can occur due to insufficient supply of power or interrupted network connection. One must check all the plugs and cables, wireless connection, router settings and other associated aspects and if required update the drivers on your device to bring your printer back to the form.

If you are struggling with any issues whether it’s mentioned above or not, one can take assistance from experts by dialing HP Help and Support Number.


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