HP Printer Issues After Windows Update


HP Printer Issues After Windows Update

An update on your Windows system can make several changes in the functioning of your device and it makes a major impact on the functioning of your printer. If you are not able to use your HP printer the way you used to be before the update, you need to make certain changes to the HP printer connectivity with your device and another cover all the major aspects required to get the best out of your printing device.

Here is the list of issues and their respective solutions:

Check whether your printer is unspecified:

Follow the steps:

  • Press the Start button, Go setting>>Devices>>Printers and Scanners>>Related Settings>>Drivers and Printers and more.
  • Now check the list of unspecified the devices and remove the name of your device if it’s there.

Check the power:

The foremost factor that is important to run the HP printer on your computing device is the power utility. Check the power connection with your device, by unplugging and re-plug the electric cord to the printer. If your printer is connected with the shared network, you need to check the settings of all attached devices such as router and computers. Also, restart all the devices to get rid of the HP printer errors after updating your Windows system.

Check all cables:

If your PC is connected via USB cable to the HP printer check that connection of USB cable on both the devices.

Check the connection for Wireless printer:

  • First, check your wireless connection settings on your computer. Also, make sure your printer is connected to Wi-Fi, almost every printer include the blue colored blinking light or network icon which displays the connection and strength of the wireless network. Now, you need to find the icon for the network and turn it on. Check the sites of HP if you are unable to find the network button on your printer.
  • Check the connectivity strength of the network on your device. HP printers do include a menu to check the wireless network strength on your devices.
  • If you still facing the same errors you need to get your printer or computing devices troubleshot.

Use the inbuilt troubleshooter:

  • The window-based devices often have troubleshooter which help you fix a certain number of errors which affects the connectivity of your device with HP printer.
  • Go to the search bar and go to Devices and printer from the list and go to Control Panel.
  • Go to “troubleshoot” from the menu and then follow the in0-screen instruction to initiate the troubleshooting.
  • Check the availability of your HP printer on the computer. Go this way, select Start menu>settings>Devices>Printers and Scanners. If you are not able to find your HP printer on your device, click Add a printer or Scanner and add your printer.

You can update the version of your Windows system:

  • Open Start menu and then settings.
  • Choose Update the security under the settings tab.
  • Select Windows Update and then check for updates.
  • If any windows updates appear select which one you want,
  • Click on update and install and OK to complete the update.

Call HP Printer Support is you are not able to perform any of the above-mentioned solutions. The techies will guide you through the update and further resolve the HP printer issues after updating your system. Also, you can call HP Toll-Free Number for optimizing the performance of your HP printer.

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