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HP is the brand that has made its name in the industry even after several bumps in its career. There are many devices and peripherals are developed under the eminent banner of HP. But HP laptops are the most perfect invention of the time. Laptop of HP are basically focused on quality and precision.

HP uses the best components for the manufacturing of the device, but at many occasions, users need to do manual efforts in order to avoid the inconvenience. This could be done by taking necessary measures of security and privacy. However, there are few issues which need to be resolved immediately if ever come before your eyes, using HP printer. Hence we are providing HP laptop troubleshooting guide for the help of troubled users.

Some of the usually-occurring issues with HP laptops and their solution are listed below:

  • Overheating:

Overheating can promote several issues with your laptops such as system-lag, freezing, and device-crashing. There is a very narrow path in the laptop to pass heat through, therefore the overheating is common. But if not addressed properly overheating can lead to a number of issues. Secondly, the accumulated dust particles in the ventilator can block the thin passage and do not allow air and heat to pass through. This directly affects the CPU and its functioning.

To resolve the overheating issues, one must clean the air vents from time to time. Clean it gently using a dry and soft cloth. If the issues persist even after cleaning, try updating the BIOS files of your system.

  • Slow Hard Drive:

The slow performance of hard drive can affect the speed of file transfer and increase the loading time of programs and applications. These issues need to be resolved with the disk fragmentation technique. To perform the disk fragmentation follow the steps on your device: Program>>Accessories>>System Tool folder>>Analyze>>Defragment.

  • Battery issues:

When you need to keep your laptop plugged all the time to use, the battery needs to be replaced. As the matter of fact, the battery of your laptop tends to lose its efficiency over the period of time. The best thing you can do to resolve this issues is replacing the battery with the new one. Also, sometimes the factory reset of laptop retain the effectiveness of your battery, if the reason is virus or malware entities.

  • Sluggish performance:

The slow performance of your HP laptop can be due to the excessively used hard-drive and lack of empty space for programs to execute. To resolve this issue, one must close the all unused application and clean the disk space from unnecessary files. Also, scanning your system using antivirus can help you improve the performance of your HP laptop. Apart from cleaning your laptop, one must keep updating the firmware of your laptop.

  • Accidental deletion of files;

This happens with all of us that we delete the important files due to confusion or any other reason. This can because of great loss, as our laptop devices contain the most crucial data of personal and professional lives. So, to recover the suddenly deleted files, try the underneath mentioned method:

  • Go to recycle bin and try finding your deleted file there. This is the place where the deleted files usually go.
  • It is advisable to back-up your system data on external disk to avoid such situations. So if you have created the backup for your data, use the previously saved data.
  • Here are numerous software available to restore deleted files or you can call HP Laptop Support for any assistance.
  • Antivirus or other infections:

Antivirus and malware are the most perilous adversaries for your device. The first and foremost thing to save your device from such problems is keeping is secure using the required preventions. There are several antivirus products out there which you can use you cure the infections and virus of your device.

There are several other issues which aren’t listed above. The fact is no one can be master of the technology because the problems evolve their form with time. Now all issues can be handled with manually, you need to contact the HP Help Number.


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