Guide to Troubleshooting HP Laserjet Pro m12w

HP Laserjet Pro m12w is the most selling product of the time. Its alluring features and high-class performance makes it even more desirable. Call upon HP Support Number for any help and solution.


Poor Printing Quality:

Always Use Authentic Products:

  • Always purchases replaceable items, peripherals or other products only from the authorized HP stores.
  • Make sure you use the perfect matching toner or ink cartridges for your HP Laserjet Pro m12w printer.
  • It is important to set the right printer setting and good quality of the paper.
  • Do not re-use rough papers as bent or creased paper can affect the quality of prints.

Adjust Mode Settings:

Settings play an important role in determining the print quality, so one must adjust the settings as per the requirements before beginning the printing session.

  • Always keep in mind that eco mode is meant to save the ink and not accurate for quality prints. So when precise printing is required, switch the printing mode.
  • To set the quality: Properties>>options>>Printer setup>> Printer preference and then Print quality area.
  • For darker prints, set the DPI as 600 and enable the Economode.
  • For light prints, select FastRes 1200 and disallow the Economode.

Check Ink or Toner Cartridge Level:

Without proper ink or toner supplies, printing would be difficult. To check the level of printing, follow the below given steps:

  • To check the ink or toner level, it is suggested to print the Supplies status page or EWS.
  • To print EWS:
  • For windows: Devices and printers> Properties>Options> Printer setup> Preferences> Supplies status page>print.
  • For Mac: go to Printers>> Options and supplies>>Utility>>Open printer utility >print>supply status page.

Replace The Toner:

Make sure you have the proper supply, it is advisable to replace the ink or toner cartridge for the proper printing quality, yield, and speed.

  • Make sure you check the ink level first.
  • Open your printer and then remove the lid from the cartridge, shake the toner gently for even distribution of ink.
  • Remove the tape from toner and insert it gently without removing the green regions of the toner.

Restore Factory Settings on HP Laserjet Pro m12w:

To retain the original settings for your printer, perform the below-given steps in a consecutive manner. Call HP Customer Care Number if you come across any complication:

  • Start the printer.
  • Remove the chords and reset the printer.
  • Now place the chords again and wait for few seconds.
  • Once the printer is reset, everything will be cleaned, you will lose all connections
  • After that, on the touch panel, press OK
  • Select the setup icon.
  • Choose the service menu
  • Select the restore default option.
  • Click ok finish.

To Resolve The Paper Jam Issues:

  • Remove all the papers from the printing tray
  • Make sure the paper you are using is high quality as per the requirements.
  • Cleaning the printer is the most effective solution to the paper jam issues.
  • Make sure you do not insert the different sizes of quality of papers as it can promote paper feed or jam issue.
  • Remove the existing paper from the input tray by gently dragging it into the direction of printing.
  • Make sure you remove every alien object, dirt, and dust from the output bin.
  • After cleaning the tray, move to the rear of the printer and clean it thoroughly.
  • Once cleaned, shut down the printer, remove the power chord from the wall socket.
  • Wait for few minutes before reconnecting,
  • Start your printer and print a sample.

If you are facing any issue with your HP Laserjet Pro m12w, dial the HP Laserjet Printer Support for an immediate resolution to your problem.

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