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The printing technology has made it easier to turn the online documents to hard copies. The wireless printing is another best invention of the time. All you need is the stable internet connection, to work with the wireless printers. HP is the best out of all when it comes to air or wireless printing. You can connect as many as devices you want to one wireless printer. One can connect your Smartphone, desktop or laptop to your wireless printing device. HP is the best for both personal and professional use.

HP makes the best printing devices which can combat many of the general issues on their own. But when connectivity issues are one of the most stubborn issues which need immediate troubleshooting. If you are a new user, you can call upon the HP Phone Number for support.  Or else you can try the below-given methods to fix the issue.


Resolution methods to fix the network connectivity issues with your HP printer:

Restart your device:

If your computer refuses to complete the connection with your HP printer, try to restart your computer, printer, router, and other peripherals to restart the connection. Next, check whether your printer is connected to your HP printer, you can print your wireless network Test report from the control panel. On some of the HP printer models, you can click on wireless network and allows direly print the wireless report.

Make sure the computer is connected to the printer:

  • There are numerous ways to check the connection between your printer and router, click on the “labeled connectivity”. Make sure this option always has the PASSV status to ensure the complete connectivity. Also, checking the configuration settings for your router can resolve the connectivity issues.
  • Make sure that the SSID or the network name, must be included in the Current configuration page. Type the proper wireless connection name in the respective field.

Turn-off the security software:

Another factor which allows you to make the strong connection is the update security settings. The connection firewall may prevent the connection of your printer and computer. So, it is advisable to disable the security program of your device.

VPN and IP address:

Enabled IP address or VPN settings can cause issues in the connection between printer and computer. If you have made any changes in the IP address or network, restore the changes to retain the smooth functioning or connection between your computer and printer.

Remove and re-install the printer software:

If you are still facing the connectivity issue with your HP printer and computer device, make sure you have the updated version of drivers and software. Delete the printer’s software from your computing device and re-install the printer’s software.

Check the cable connections:

If your printer is connected to your computer via USB cables, make sure it is connected in a proper manner. If you find the cables lose, you can simply remove the cable and re-insert back in a proper manner.

If you are facing any issue with your HP printer, simply dial the HP Customer Care Number for instant help. The techies are available around the clock to help the bothered users and troubleshoot the technical faults with your product. Experts will dig deep into your problem and lets you find the best solution in no time.

HP Help and Support is one of the best deal for the troubled users as the support services ate execute by the experts. The techies are available all around the clock to help the users residing across the globe. No matter how hard the issue is just one call can save your day.


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